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“A beautifully written story… filled with insights into the experiences of all who have endured hardship and persecution.”

—J. L. Witterick, International Best Selling Author of My Mother’s Secret

“…a rich tapestry of historical detail and authentic dialogue that leaves the reader craving more. A stunning achievement! “

Michelle Cox, acclaimed author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series


Odessa, Odessa follows two sons from a proud lineage of rabbis and cantors in a shtetl near the Black Sea in western Russia.

As two brothers emigrate out of Russia to escape anti-Semitism, one chooses America and the other Israel/Palestine. The generations move forward in the 20th century, from New York to Brighton Beach, and Los Angeles, as children and grandchildren assimilate into a new culture. The sweeping immigrant story reveals the loss of heritage and the power of revelation, when the younger generation makes a discovery that can reunite two branches of a family.